About Little Bee Duds

Little Bee Duds  is excited to offer not only children's clothing in  organic fabrics but ones milled here in the US.  We love supporting other small businesses and do so as often as possible.  We have a family owned printer local to us that has a whole line of beautiful American milled fabrics.  They pass the same strict standards that all manufacturers of children's products (large and small businesses alike)  are required by law to adhere to.  

We feel strongly about supporting our local businesses, farms, and shops as well as knowing that we do our best to purchase our fabrics and supplies that are based in the US and have stricter environmental regulations than factories abroad.

Little Bee is registered with the FTC as a small batch manufacturer.  As a small batch manufacturer I must adhere to all the laws pertaining to the production of children's clothing to ensure that they are not only cute and trendy but safe to be worn by your little ones. 



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