New Makes are on the Way....soon I swear

One of the biggest hurdles that we  have an a home based business is doing it all.  People tend to think we have an unlimited amount of time and energy since hey, you're home all day.  In reality that makes it so much harder than if I had a studio away from home.  The constant distractions can keep one from being productive. After all we are sitting in the very place where we can see all the things that need done, cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishes and the list goes on. 

Another large hurdle is shiny object syndrome.  Oh it's a thing.  As a creative we see so many new and exciting crafting machines and gadgets that it's hard not to want to try those as well.  I'm guilty of that but with space being at a premium as well as time I've remained focused on what I love to do.  Do one thing and do it well, right.

Which brings me to the next hurdle.  Being in ecommerce is tough.  There a bazillion websites, marketplaces and selling platforms filled with ten bazillion products created by other creatives.  Being found is so difficult and we often feel we need to be on every one of those platforms to make a go of our home based business.  I too have fallen into that mentality.  Lately though I've been thinking that spreading ourselves around so thinly might not really be the best move.  How, after all, can we do each platform justice?  We can't really.  If we spend all our time sitting at a computer, iphone or however one manages their business it leaves very little time for creativity, production and sourcing materials.  Actually it leaves no time. And with the constant changes and fee increases we are on a hamster wheel always trying to chase what are best practices for that platform.  it's exhausting!

New makes are on the way....I swear.  I've decided, although the toughest route, to focus mainly on this website and spend less time chasing the unicorns on other sites.  I'll still be there for the time being but my goal is to scale back and focus on sewing which brings me joy.  Making all the things for the littles!  I have this very large stash of wonderful fabrics to sew up and as I'm a bit of a fabric hoarder there will be new prints and solids making their way into the stash. 

So things are on the way!


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